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Ghost Stories of Montana by Dan AsfarGhost Stories of Montana by Dan Asfar
By Dan Asfar
Publisher: Lone Pine Publishing (July 2007)
Pages: 192 Price: $12.95 review

This is one of the most entertaining paranormal books to appear this year, and it will entertain the reader with its unique approach and information. Dan Asfar is the author of many books on haunted locations, and he shares his findings on Montana with the reader in a straight-forward, concise manner.

There are five long, fact-filled chapters in this nonfiction book. Chapter One is about Haunted Houses, and there are entries covering various topics including a haunting at Billings and the Tatem house. Chapter Two is about the Little Bighorn and this information should interest many, many readers of the paranormal for it is concerned about the ghosts of the Little Bighorn and Custer’s Last Stand. Chapter Three covers mines and fires. Chapter Four covers wild Montana and its mysterious earth lights. Chapter Five covers mysteries and ghosts of Montana.

For reading pleasure, Dan Asfar has written an entertaining and educational look at the ghosts and ghost locations of Montana. For those who have been to Montana, this is a superb look at its ghost-filled, haunted history. For those who have not been to Montana, this book might inspire them to take a vacation there and visit the places Dan Asfar writes about.

Well-written, entertaining, and enjoyable reading sums up this interesting book about ghosts. Highly recommended look at ghosts in the state of Montana.

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