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Ghost Hunter's Guide to Seattle and Puget Sound by Jeff DwyerGhost Hunter’s Guide to Seattle and Puget Sound
By Jeff Dwyer
Publisher: Pelican Publishing (July 2008)
Pages: 223 – Price: $15.95 review

This is an interesting, well-thought out approach to ghosts and the paranormal in the state of Washington, with the emphasis on Seattle and Puget Sound.

This book is a guide for those seeking encounters with apparitions and paranormal activity in Washington State, and it contains stories that are unique to the setting. Detailed, it makes for a nice guide for any reader planning a trip to this area. For a book on ghostly lore, legends, and encounters, it is a delight to read. The book contains six chapters and seven appendices. A helpful index concludes this well-written book.

A visit to Manresa Castle is given, and this is a place considered one of the most haunted in the United States. Many well-known and documented Washington-area ghosts are discussed, and their specific locations of haunting. There is a chapter which details specific methods for ghost hunting in Seattle and Puget Sound.

The six appendices are helpful to any person wishing to understand further about the paranormal. Each appendix lists a topic sure to intrigue the reader!

The style of writing is pleasant, and it is a sharing of information from author to reader in an entertaining manner. If you enjoy new locales and new settings for ghostly happenings, Jeff Dwyer’s book will be of great interest. Excellent book on the paranormal in Washington!

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