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Ghost Hunter's Guide to Monterey and California's Central Coast by Jeff DwyerGhost Hunter’s Guide to Monterey and California’s Central Coast
By Jeff Dwyer
Publisher: Pelican Publishing (July 2010)
Pages: 240 – Price: $14.95

Official Review

Pelican Publishing Company has a knack for publishing books that are educational, entertaining, and highly enjoyable reading experiences. Jeff Dwyer’s new work is one such example.

Jeff Dwyer has done in-depth research and onsite investigations of paranormal occurrences. Among his many nonfiction books over the years are Ghost Hunter’s Guide to the San Francisco Bay Area, and Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Los Angeles. Readers who have read his books know of his reputation in the area of paranormal investigations.

In addition to the Appendix section and introduction, there is a nice index to do quick checks for particular information. There are six well-written and long chapters, each pertaining to a given setting. Chapter 1 covers how to hunt for ghosts. The other chapters discuss where the hauntings and ghosts are. The appendix section contains sighting report form, suggested reading, organizations, a well-selected section of films, and the other appendix sections cover Internet resources, tours and events, and a very helpful guide to historical societies and museums.

The reader will find this an excellent reading journey into the world of ghostly happenings in Monterey, California and California’s central coastal area.

Highly recommended. A nice addition for any reader’s library!

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