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Witness: Ball Cemetery
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Date of Encounter: March 23

One night me and a couple friends went to Ball Cemetery which is located around HWY 50 in Omaha, Nebraska. We saw a faint image of a horse and carriage about 150 yards away by a housing development called "Westmont". The horse and carriage was moving really quickly and it looked translucent… like a ghost. After a moment it ran off into the distance. Ball Cemetery is haunted–legend has it that in the early 1900s the haunting began at a house nearby where the father of the Ball Family killed his kids and wife. The Ball family are all buried there.

If you go in there at night you can sometimes see the family walking around. But the cops patrol there now late at night. If you have questions or comments email me. I have no pictures yet but a lot of my friends do and the pictures have weird stuff in them.

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