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Witness: Colleen
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Date of Encounter: 1955

From the time I was born until I was 5 years old my family lived in a big two story house in South Omaha. The house was probably around 60-70 years old. I remember the house well. On the main floor there was a big living room with an open staircase, a dining room, kitchen, and a room my mother called the playroom. All of the floors in the house were hardwood except the kitchen which had linoleum. The 2nd floor had 3 bedrooms and a bath.

The one memory of the house that stands out and that I never shared with anyone until adulthood was whenever I started down the stairs from the 2nd floor I remember feeling like I was floating down the stairs. I never remember being afraid only that I was floating. Years later (1998) at a family gathering while visiting with my older brother we starting talking about the old South Omaha home. I told Jack all about how I always felt like I was floating down the stairs in that house and wasn't that weird. He gave me the strangest look and said that he remembers the same thing happening to him. We came to the conclusion that we never spoke of it because neither of us were frightened by the encounter.

The only thing we both remember is our parents, aunts, and uncles speaking about a child who had died in the house. Perhaps it was this child keeping us safe. 

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