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Witness: Carol J. Pemrich
Location: Gillett, Wisconsin
Date of Encounter: September 23, 1998

My father passed away on September 23, 1998. I was not particularly close to him as he tended to push everyone away. I loved him dearly though.

He was dying slowly of emphysema and my siblings and I had been called to the hospital several times to say goodbye to him only to find him fine the next day, so when my brother called one morning to say he had passed away, it was a shock.

I had asked Dad a favor one day kind of in jest, but partly seriously too. I asked him to let me know somehow if he could, if he was still around after he died. He promised he would.

Two things happened after he died. The evening of his funeral, my family and I saw the most beautiful exhibition of the Northern Lights ever seen in Wisconsin. We stared at the beautiful sight for quite a long time and I thought I saw a pattern of an angel in it. I didn’t say anything because I thought I was the only one who saw this, but then one of the neighbors spoke up that she saw the angel pattern too. Then everyone else was pointing out the angel pattern. The display of lights went on for hours and my daughters laid on the grass that night watching it. I suspected it was Dad, telling me he was still here.

Then, about a year after he died. I began having dreams where I would see Dad, just grinning at me off in the parameters of the dream.  I had this happen for about a month. Then one night he appeared in a dream, and was sitting right in front of me smiling like he always did. His mouth was moving but no words were coming out that I could hear. I began crying in my dream and woke up crying and knowing without a doubt that my Dad had come to visit me. He left messages that were special to me, my mother, and several of my brothers which I promptly passed on. These messages gave my family comfort and peace. 

I have not dreamed about Dad since that time. I truly believe that he came to let me know he is still with us because I asked him too.

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