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Witness: Cheryl
Location: Somerset West Cape Town, South Africa
Date of Encounter: 2000

My friends and I went through a stage where we would hang out a lot at one girl's house. She, her mom, and older brother had lived there since before she was even born — her father had bought the house, and had died a couple of month before my friend, Tracey, was born.

She was always telling us stories about the house being haunted by the ghost of her father, but I never really believed her. Of course, the house did freak me out a bit — I didn't like being alone in any of the rooms, especially if it was nighttime.

One night I was sleeping over — we were all in the TV room and it was late at night. I needed to go to the bathroom, which was through the kitchen, down the passage and at the far end of the house. All of the lights were off and the doors between the kitchen, passage, and lounge were closed, because her mother was sleeping. The light for the kitchen was at the door leading to the passage, so I had to walk through the dark kitchen to get to the light switch.

When I went into the passage, I closed the kitchen door and hurried down the pitch black passage (all the bedroom doors along it were closed), and went into the toilet.

When I came out, I was walking down the passage back to the kitchen, when I suddenly felt and "heard" something rush over my head and down the passage. I didn't really see it with my eyes, but it felt very black and kind of shapeless. Of course I freaked out and rushed into the kitchen and into the lounge. My friend said to me that it was probably her father saying hello…. some hello!

Other friends have also had weird experiences in that house — hearing the kitchen chairs moving around when they know they're the only ones there and that kind of thing.

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