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Witness: Ginger
Location: Mesa, Arizona
Date of Encounter: April 1992 – June 2003

We moved into our house in April of 1992 and have had numerous visions of spheres of light and a number of times we have seen shadows of people going up and down the hallway. I've been curious as to whether these spirits are dead relatives looking out for us or just spirits that have lived here and still remain. When my third child was about six months old, we used to leave our two other children at home while we went grocery shopping. About seven times, my kids told me that they would be alone in a room and when they turned around there was a sphere of light about five inches in circumference just floating about five feet off the ground. They would call for their brother or sister, the sibling would come in and see it too. Usually my kids just ran out of the house.

I had one very scary experience in which I returned to the house around 11:30 p.m. when I was about four months pregnant with my fourth child. When I went into our bedroom I became aware of a five inch sphere of light floating in our closet — this freaked me out as we have no lights in our closet. I tried ignoring it but it was still there. It didn't look threatening, but still I knew we didn't have any light there. I put on the Christian broadcasting station and said a prayer but, it was still there. Finally, I decided to pretend to go to sleep. When I did that, I felt like I was picked up and someone who was rocking me back and forth — faster and faster. Finally, it slowed down and finally stopped. I waited a while, then opened my eyes and the sphere was gone. A few weeks later, I miscarried.

I wish I had asked the sphere what it wanted. Maybe it was my unborn son telling me he wasn't going to make it. My oldest daughter had an encounter once that I know was a result of prayer. I had had to leave when my youngest was about nine weeks old. I left her sleeping with my ten year old there. Emily usually slept about four hours at a time. Anyways, my appointment ended up taking much more time than I anticipated and I got very worried. I called my daughter and she said Emily was still sleeping and I said I would try to hurry. I prayed and prayed to have angels look out for Emily and Maggie. Later, when I got home about one and a half hours later I heard the story. Maggie was going by my room when she heard voices coming from it. This startled her as there was no one else in the house. She decided maybe I left the TV on and went to look in. When she looked she saw three figures in white standing around the crib, saying things like "isn't she so darling?" Suddenly, one of the figures turned and saw Maggie. He looked real puzzled at first and then smiled and started walking towards Maggie. She freaked and went to run out the front door, but when she got there she realized she couldn't leave Emily, so she waited in the front room and when nothing happened she went back, but no one was there. She called her best friend to stay with her and took Emily into the front room. When I showed her a picture of my father who had passed on she said that was the man

I think my mom, grandma, and dad all came down to watch over her. I've since divorced my husband who was an alcoholic and sometimes drug user, and the sightings have gone down. Sometimes though, either myself, my boyfriend, or my son will see either a woman or a little girl go up or down the hallway at night, but when we go to check it out, there is no one there. I swear all of this is true and I've never felt threatened, but I can't help but wonder about it. My house was built in 1959 and I don't know of any bad history related to it.

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