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EVP Electronic Voice Phenomenon MarkowiczEVP: Electronic Voice Phenomenon: Massachusetts Ghostly Voices
By Michael Markowicz
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing (July 2009)
Pages: 128 plus audio CD – Price: $19.99 review

An enjoyable reading experience, EVP: Electronic Voice Phenomenon introduces the reader to EVP. EVP is Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

The book has 18 chapters, and there is a keyed sequence which matches the CD track to what section of the book the reader is reading. There is an author’s note and a lively introduction. Two chapters of special interest are “The Inn on Washington Square, Salem,” and “Becoming Clairaudient.” The fifteen sites investigated include historic places in Massachusetts from Salem to Plymouth. The CD will send chills up your spine as you listen to the spirits talk! These ghosts speak and you hear them!

Any reader who enjoys the paranormal will find this an exceptionally good read! The writing is smooth and entertaining, and flows from one historical area in Massachusetts to the next.

Well-written, enjoyable reading, and scary sums up Michael Markowicz’s EVP: Electronic Voice Phenomenon. This book makes for a nice gift and an ideal book to have your local librarian order for the library patrons.

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