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Just like living humans, ghosts maintain their unique individual personalities and traits. From the friendly, curious, and playful, to the grumpy and reclusive, we must respect and be mindful of these foreign fourth dimensional citizens.

Being that there are many character and personality traits within the spirit community, there are also a considerable amount of different forms or species of ghosts, entities, or spirits. Each varying in composition and origin. For instance, the average human ghost is most often simply the spiritual energy and essence that remains after the dense earthbound human shell is shed. On average, the intelligent free-roaming spirit that resides at a location, rarely interacting or bothering the living, is of the fourth dimension. Those living on earth reside in the third dimension.

Generally, these fourth dimension spirits vibrate at a higher frequency than human beings. Just like the nearly invisible wings of a hummingbird, some ghosts retain a higher consciousness that vibrates at a much faster pace, propelling their physical state into that of translucent existence. The vast majority of these beings are those of recent deceased relatives and those who have a personal and peaceful agenda to complete on earth. Usually they are interested in checking in on their loved ones or offering spiritual comfort to those in need. They basically go about their own business, occasionally bumping into the odd living person, creating a mystery.

When these beings wish to communicate with us living, they must reduce their vibration frequency and we must attempt to raise our own. When conditions are favorable, such as available energy for the spirit to draw from for manifestation and the living participant is able to transcend its consciousness to a higher plane, communication can be possible.

It is interesting to note that most ghosts are seen wearing clothes. When a person crosses over, they still maintain much of their previous self. That includes their fashion tastes, morals, and dignity. The image that they represent on the other side is often that of who they were on earth, now blended with their spiritual self.

Even ghosts who experience trauma at death will sometimes retain the form in which they were last cognizant of themselves as alive. Ann Boleyn’s ghost was often seen wandering the Tower of London carrying her head under her arm due to her beheading.

A spirit that has been roaming the afterworld for a while, will present themselves to others as what they decide is appropriate. A grandmother that appears to her granddaughter, will appear as an old woman, but may resume a younger image of herself afterwards while exploring the afterlife.

Redundant ghosts are blips in the fabric and flow of time. Explanations of time theories suggest that time is irrelevant, that we all simply exist in this one moment. If this is true, all eras and time frames are loosely stacked upon one another and can occasionally intersect.

Some ghostly activity seems strangely repetitive. Toilets flushing, pacing in hallways, and doors opening and closing for no reason, suggest a residual redundant haunting. An overlapping incident that occurred in some other moment, forever replaying like a broken record. These are not self aware entities, just imprinted recordings, so they are not available for comment.

The next type of spirit is the poltergeist. This is a very complex creature that feeds off of the human energy fields. It can literally be an entity merged with mixture of many strong emotions that emanates from one or more human beings. Because anger, hatred, and fear are some of the strongest emotions that a human can portray, this entity can literally feed off of the potentially toxic core energy of a humans aura.

Many poltergeists begin as a small, harmless, and pesky ghost imps. Never existing as a human or having been from flesh, this entity can be best described as a leech. The more blood a leech drains from its host, the stronger and bigger it becomes.

The entity utilizes intense negative energy and because paranormal activity can cause even more stress to an already toxic or tense environment, the poltergeist can grow stronger and more destructive with each passing day. Studies have shown that homes containing one or more teenagers, particularly girls, can be a perfect breeding ground for the poltergeist due to the intense hormone fluctuation and mood swings.

This irritating and frightening spirit is often misdiagnosed and mislabeled as a demon, but most times it’s just very effectively manipulating those around it. They find particular joy in mentally and emotionally torturing the living. Unfortunately, these beings cannot be reasoned with rationally. They exist only to taunt and provoke, not to mention they vibrate at much lower frequency than humans, allowing them to manipulate solid objects. They seem very proficient at throwing items of all sizes and shapes at their seemingly defenseless homeowners.

Mythology maintains a dark overlord with vast and powerful minions. As an ever evolving and spiritually maturing species, we are slowly becoming aware that what the mass consciousness believes, the universe will manifest. As we become more aware of the power of intention and consequences of our conscious thoughts, we can begin to comprehend how our own diverse energies can affect our environment.

Exorcisms or objects of religious faith seem to be effective in taming the feral poltergeist, but these divine acts and items are merely a means to a hopeful end. It is the shift from negative to positive consciousness that this act and these items portray. A cross, holy water, and the Bible are all symbols of intense positive thought and energy therefore creating the homeowners to subconsciously alter the apparently evil charge of the house to peaceful.

The very best and most effective way to tame and rid your home of these paranormal residential vermin is to literally positively charge the environment. Meditation, intentional positive reinforcement, and conscious spiritual cleansing causes the acidic environment to return to balance, therefore retarding the poltergeist’s efforts. Eventually, because they cannot feed on their preferred energy source in that home, they move on.

Remember, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only altered. These creatures cannot be destroyed, just denied. If you deny it the destructive negative food it seeks, it cannot sustain its tantrums. If you fear and condemn it, you feed it and give it authority. Yet if you take the power from it by inducing powerful positive thoughts and actions, it is demeaned and will quickly tire of the game. Like a toddler throwing a tantrum, ignore them, don’t give in to them.

As with every rule, there seems to be exceptions. In rare cases, violent, malevolent, and evil based entities can be particularly dangerous. Drugs, alcohol, and any mind-altering agents can induce these creatures to terrifying status. As well as highly abusive and toxic environments. Paranormal professionals that can better deal with these intruders should be contacted.

In the rarest of events, negative entities with extreme energy and self awareness can penetrate a weakened human’s aura. When a human is worn down to mere inches of their self awareness, they can be manipulated by these evil beings. The human soul is untouched, but the physical nature of the human’s fragile state compromises its actions. When there is weakness within the aura, caused by many, many factors such as drugs, alcohol, abuse, or depression, there is a porous hole left in the aura’s field of energy. The entity, being that it is an energy parasite, can latch on to the host causing it to be temporarily incapacitated.

This event over history is what is deemed as being possessed. The soul, however, is impenetrable, no harm can be done to it. The physical self however, needs spiritual, physical, and emotional attention. There are several ways this can be done. All require time, effort, and the willingness to cleanse oneself of this ailment. Trusted advisors must be sought out, for counsel as well as medically discounting any mental ailment that may be affecting judgment.

On occasion, a deceased human energy, suffering a traumatic or violent death can become trapped within a confusing state of conflicting vibration. Because they are confused and angry with certain circumstances of their death, they ignore or choose not to move on to the higher vibration dimensions. It can be tricky dealing with these spirits as some of them don’t realize they are dead or are angry that their life is over or was taken from them. Patience and extreme care must be taken for these people. It may take a very long time for them to come to the realization that there are better places for them to be.

Due to their molecular instability, they can continually jump back and forth through realms, causing a ruckus for the living and creating even more confusion for themselves. Often, they are convinced that you and your family are the intruders and attempt to rid themselves of you. Don’t take it personally, only try to understand their discomfort and attempt to resolve the misunderstanding. Compassionately treat them as though they were the victims of Alzheimer’s or amnesia, then we may not be so inclined to be impatient or frightened with our unseen houseguests.

The very best way to deal with these spirits is to calmly and patiently communicate to them often that they are deceased and need to go home. All of us remember home at some point, some while living, some a while after they are dead. Keep reminding them and eventually they will leave.

Without evil, we would not understand good, without the negative, we would not appreciate the positive.

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  1. I myself have seen some very strange things. Do you know if spirits can change their appearance to look like people you know?

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