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Witness: Shauna
Location: Valle Vista, California
Date of Encounter: February 1979-April 1980

I moved to California on a whim. At the time (February 1979) I was in the process of getting a divorce, so I was single and had two small children. I was hoping to do a little better for them and myself. I rented a place that was great the first couple of months I was living there. It was a two-bedroom with a large living room, a great back yard that was fenced in, and across the street from me was a liquor store. A block up the street was a convenience store. Life was good. I met many new friends.

About two months after I moved into the house, I noticed that many times when I came home from work something would be misplaced, such as my keys. I would have trouble finding paper work I needed because it never was where I left it. Things moved around, however, I never witnessed anything moving. I knew that my girls were not the culprits, as they were only two and three at the time. They could not have gotten up and put things on top of the kitchen cabinets, or put things in the freezer, or put things in the kitchen cabinets. It just seemed like too much was happening.

One night after I had put the kids to bed, I was just getting into my bed and noticed that I could hear one of three balls rolling around in their bedroom. It was a small, multicolored foam ball that had a jingle bell in the center. I could hear the jingle bell tinkle tinkle tinkling. I was thinking that my older child had gotten up and was playing in the dark. I turned on the bedroom light, and she was sound asleep in her bed, and her sister was sound asleep in her crib. The ball was in the middle of the floor. I just picked it up and threw it in the toy box. I no sooner got into my bed, and again, the ball was rolling across the floor. Now I am thinking that it must have rolled off of the top of the toys in the toy box, so I picked up the ball from the middle of the room and this time I stuffed it down inside of the toy box to make sure it did not roll off the top of the toys. Well, guess what? I no more than hit my bed and it was rolling around again. As soon as I turned the light on it quit again. I was very frustrated and thought that this ghost was trying to make me lose my mind. I had many sleepless nights in that house, as things bumped and banged in the night, but never could see anything. Many times I felt like I was being watched or that someone was next to me, but I never saw anything. The hair would stand up on the back of my neck and arms. I finally got used to it and just would address the ghost when something was missing asking it to please put it back. I was never afraid of this entity, as it never hurt me or my girls. It was noisy at night, though.

My girlfriend brought over a medium thinking she could help me. I did not know this person but she would not come into my house. She told me that my house was evil and left abruptly. I was shocked. I did not feel that it was evil at all. April of 1980 I had decided that I was going to move back to Wisconsin. I announced that information to my girlfriend when she was over one evening. We were sitting in the living room watching TV and drinking beer. (I had put the girls to bed already.) My girlfriend was going to run up the street to the convenience store to get us another six pack of beer as we were out. I stayed at the house waiting for her to return. I had a very large sofa that was very heavy. As soon as she shut the door to leave, that couch flew out from the wall with such force it threw me forward and then it flew backward and hit the wall. I was absolutely stunned. I was so scared I could not get off of the couch. It was a very violent incident. When my girlfriend came back, she looked at me and said, "What's wrong with you? You look like you saw a ghost," and laughed as she walked into the kitchen to put the beer into the cooler. I told her what had happened and she again told me that she couldn't understand how I could live in this house. Well, I was planning on moving back to Wisconsin the last week of April. Guess what, I moved back the first week of April. I was going through belongings getting them ready to pack when I opened a drawer that was in a hutch that was built into the dining room. I had never pulled the drawers out completely before, but I was dumping the drawer contents into boxes for moving. I came across some drawings that were underneath the drawer when I pulled it out. They all fell out. I was shocked. It was drawings of devils and demons. Lots of symbols and signs were on these drawings. I never finished looking at them. I promptly burned everyone of them in the fireplace. I was only in that house for another four days. I did not bring any belongings back other than my children, clothes, and the girls' toys. I left absolutely everything in the house. That was the first week of April 1980. In July of 1988 I went back to Valle Vista to see if that house was still standing. It was not. Someone had bulldozed it down and there was nothing left but a lot. I am glad that house is gone.

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