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Elemental Witch by Tammy SullivanElemental Witch
By Tammy Sullivan
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (August 2006)
Pages: 232 – Price: $14.95 review

Elemental Witch is about personal discovery of your natural affinity for the elements. Essentially, it is about the paths of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth.

A Witch may prefer to follow a certain elemental path, and this book covers each one in detail. Folklore and deities are discussed as they apply to each element. Ways of working personal magick in connection with your chosen elemental are revealed, and numerous prayers, meditations, exercises, and quests are shared with the reader.

An important part of this book is the magickal correspondences which are given for each element. Also, associated crystals, stones, herbs, colors, creatures, and the special aspects of nature involved such as trees, rivers, caves, wind, and lightning.

Readers will enjoy the magickal oils and herbs which the author shares. Tammy Sullivan has written a first rate book on the techniques for becoming an Elemental Witch.

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