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Witness: Luna
Location: Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Date of Encounter: 2007

In 2007, I was still in primary school. There was a local legend where I lived: Dogface, the ghost of a mutated old woman.

There were also known to be strange cloaked figures running around my town. These figures wore either black or white, depending if they were supposed to be good or bad.

I experienced Dogface and the cloaked figures on three ocassions.

The first was when I was walking up near the woods where Dogface is supposed to haunt. I was with my friend and we were talking. As we neared the entrace to the woods, we heard a loud growl and a woman scream “Go away!” Because we were only about 10 years old then, we both ran like hell until we got to my house. We didn’t go near the woods for months.

The second time, I was at school on the playground and we were talking about the figures in cloaks, pondering if they were real and such. Suddenly, a black cloaked figure ran past the school gates.

Then, a few years later we were walking in the woods near school and something started throwing stones at us. We heard growling and started running.

Once again I saw a black cloaked figure.

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