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Witness: Seb Ritchie
Location: Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada
Date of Encounter: November 20, 2003

No pictures I'm afraid, but this unsuspecting Brit found himself on a business trip staying in the infamous room 202 at the Fort Garry Hotel, Winnipeg, a couple of weeks back. Only thing is, at the time I knew absolutely nothing of it's spooky reputation whatsoever. In the early hours of the morning of November 20th, I woke to see, by a crack of street light filtering in between the curtains, the outline of a figure standing at the end of my bed. I could barely make out more than the haggard silhouette of the head, and the shape of the body, clad in some kind of robe or cloak. I was literally petrified but, after a time, the figure dissolved into nothing, and I assumed it had been a trick of the light, or an optical illusion.

On my last day at the hotel, on leaving the breakfast room, I got into the elevator with a couple of other guests and pressed the number 2 button. "Have you seen a ghost?" A woman asked me. "No, why should I have seen one?" I replied, and she said, "The second floor's supposed to be haunted." On checking out, later that morning, I asked one of the staff at the front desk about the haunting, and he grinned back at me and said: "Actually, it's not just the second floor. Room 202 is one of the rooms that is supposed to be haunted." And he told me a few of the better-known stories. You can check them out yourself on the Internet…

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