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Witness: Linda Dix
Location: Toledo, Ohio
Date of Encounter: 1997 to present

The house I live in was built in 1907 and was built over an old farm house and land. When we decided to refurbish the house, interesting things began to happen, especially when we discovered a room we did not knew even existed! We decided to enlarge the master bedroom to incorporate the new found space. Our 12×13 room turned into a 23×13 room. I was very excited about having such a large bedroom and planned to also use the room as my meditation spot. But as we were finishing up the remodeling, I began to feel very unwelcome and the atmosphere was less than conducive to meditation, let alone sleep!

Every time I would do any work in that room, I could hardly wait to get out of there. My husband was also having difficulties with the room. He would work on it during the day while I worked. His radio would change stations on its own. Now, this was an old radio with a dial, and the only way it would work is to plug, or unplug it since the knob was gone, and it would only get one station. But when the spirit in the room decided it was time for a change, the radio would change from country/western to rock and roll!

One time in the middle of the night, we were startled awake by the radio blaring a rock song, when my husband went to turn it off, thinking he forgot to unplug it, it was already unplugged! Let me tell you, that made all the hairs stand up on the back of my neck! His tools would disappear from where he left them, only to return a while later in the exact spot he left them. But only after a very frustrating search of the whole house. Finally, I decided I was not going to be made to feel unwanted in my own bedroom, so one afternoon (yes I was too afraid to do it in the dark) I meditated to find out what the problem was. I met a wonderful young lady named Emily, and she had lived in the farm house that preceded our home. She had been "living" in the room we knew nothing about and when we disturbed that room, she thought she'd have to leave and started to cause the hauntings to run us out. Once I told her she was welcomed to stay, or could go into the light, the hauntings from her stopped. However, we still have several spirits living with us, and they never cease to amaze/scare us and our friends.

Amazingly, a few hours, or one night at my house, and skeptics leave our home believers in spirit! We've had doors open and then close on their own; plastic cups fly through the air when no one was around them; smells; voices; bangings; and someone jumping on the bed to gain attention. All in all, it's not a bad place to live. Even though some days when your clothes disappear and you're in a hurry to get going, it can be aggravating. I wouldn't trade it for anything. The spirits, at least in our home, are friendly, playful, and comforting.

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