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Dion Fortune's Book of the Dead by Dion FortuneDion Fortune’s Book of the Dead
By Dion Fortune
Publisher: Weiser Books (June 2005)
Pages: 85 – Price: $9.95 review

Dion Fortune was one of the most gifted and powerful psychics during her lifetime (1891 – 1946). A prolific writer, she dealt with many topics related to death and the afterlife. She was the founder of The Society for the Inner Light, and highly visible in the occult community with her outspoken and literate voice. As a leader of 20th century esoteric thought, she ranks at the top of any list.

Fortune’s Book of the Dead is highly readable, concise, and a clear guide to the natural process of dying. She explains how the living can help ease the transition of the dying from this world to the afterlife.

This is a thoughtful guide to helping the dying pass over. Following the editorial introduction are fifteen concise chapters. Each one is packed with data which the reader will find fascinating reading. 

The theme of this book is death and what is in wait for the dead when he or she enters the afterlife. One of the interesting chapters, among many, is “How the Adept Meets Death.”

This book is highly recommended reading for those interested in death and the afterlife. The reader will discover much helpful information in this book. It is among Dion Fortune’s finest books, full of insight and knowledge.

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