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Dervish Yoga for Health and Longevity by Idris Lahore, Enesa Tess Griffith, Emma Thyloch, and Moses Bergman Dervish Yoga for Health and Longevity
By Idris Lahore, Enesa Tess Griffith, and Emma Thyloch
Publisher: Weiser Books (July 2007)
Pages: 619 Price: $39.95 review

For those interested in a careful, practical approach to longevity through the method of Yoga, this book will be of great interest. Dervish Yoga is said to add to longevity to our lifespan.

This book includes a new exercise program. This exercise program combines Sufi wisdom with Hindu and taoist yoga, emphasizing relaxation, eurythmy, dance, and light gymnastics. There are seven exercises for total fitness in ten minutes a day. Additionally, there are exercises for sexual health and relaxation.

The seven fundamental Arkanas of Samadeva are known as secret exercises developed for revitalizing and regeneration. The reader will see easy, hands-on techniques revealed by step-by-step photographs, accompanied by a clear, concise, helpful text.

This book should have a wide appeal to different reading audiences. Well-written, well-explained, and well-illustrated, it is a delightful approach to Dervish Yoga with all its unusual secrets and mysteries explained.

For those interested in further information, see The translation from French into English by Moses Bergman is excellent and makes for enjoyable reading.

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