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Witness: Pat Queen
Location: Kyger Creek, Ohio
Date of Encounter: Spring of 1983

This experience has profoundly affected me from the time it happened to me when I was in my late twenties. I am 51 now and I think about it every time I go to bed! 

Before it occurred, I never had any problem sleeping in a totally darkened room. I had never needed a night light because it had seemed kind of silly to me to use one. All that changed after what happened to me after this encounter.

I was a nurse and worked night shift so I had modified my bedroom to be entirely black during the day to assist me in sleeping, and I do mean black. Not a single drop of light came into my room. I couldn't see my hand in front of my face when the door was closed.

I had worked night shift and had gotten into bed for a much needed rest. I was sleeping soundly that morning when something seemed to insist to me that I needed to wake up, and that I needed to do it now! I remember it wasn't a voice exactly, but it was an urgent warning. I know that clearly. And I know that I was not asleep. I was very much awake. I was as awake as you are now.

"Wake up!…Wake up!…Wake up, Wake up! WAKE UP, NOW!" 

I drew in a deep breath and sat bolt upright with a sudden powerful scream, my heart beating almost out of my chest with a strong surge of adrenaline. I saw something approximately human sized floating above me in that completely darkened room, and it was not friendly! I felt this aura of evil or wickedness around it, and I was really terrified. I sort of knew that it was planning on either going into my nose or my mouth and sliding inside of me, or else it was planning on sucking my soul out of me! It was incredibly ugly but I could not see its face (if it had one) because it did not want me to see its face. For some reason, I knew that. 

He?/she?/it? had wings that were leathery/ grayish brown like the wings of a bat which it "whooshed" out in front of it and then it wrapped itself up in them, and then it sort of "shot" backward into the right corner of the bedroom, as if into infinity.

I leaped from the bed in my blinded state and stumbled to the door. I fumbled for the handle of the bedroom door in a panic and was dazzled by the brilliant sunlight when I opened the door. And, from that day to this, I have never been able to sleep in a room with no light in it ever again. And, I have never again seen that awful creature. 

The experience happened for only the briefest time, perhaps 30 seconds, but it has lasted with me for the rest of my life. It may not seem to be that earth shattering of an event to you, but the dreadful feelings I absorbed from that creature and the way it has shaped my life since then has been life altering, and I often wonder what it was and what it wanted from me.

As to the warning presence before anything could happen to me, I believe it was my guardian angel, and I am grateful to that spirit for saving me from harm. 

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