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Home Encounters Dark Figures and a Sultry Voice

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Witness: Emma
Location: San Francisco, California
Date of Encounter: 2007

I had a life-changing experience in 2007 when I needed to stay overnight while my dad had tests at the V.A. Hospital at the Presidio in San Francisco. I have only told two other persons as I know most people will never believe that I saw these “things,” heard something unexplainable, and felt this terrible dread.

I stayed at the Seal Rock Inn because the nurse at my dad’s nursing station recommended it as being very close and easy to find with reasonable prices. She called for me and they held a room, non-smoking and ground floor. During this time I lived in Washington state, and still do, but I needed to spend 30 days or more at times to help my dad during his illnesses. He has since passed away in 2009. (More about that later.)

Anyway, tired from driving and all of the happenings at the hospital, I really just wanted to rest. I remember it was still daylight when I checked in and had parked in the underground-type parking not far from the motel office. After unloading my luggage, I walked along an outdoor corridor with a railing and noticed a pool. I found my room and tried to settle in. It was a large room, had glass blocks in the bathroom, a kitchenette, and couches in the larger sitting area. The bed was separated from the larger room by a folding style partition. As I walked around the room, I noticed the light colored vertically designed wallpaper. I kept seeing specks that looked like blood spatter. This was from the entry at the door next to the bathroom and in the big sitting area near the couches. This specks were almost everywhere.

Being a little creeped out, but a fan of shows like C.S.I., my skepticism kicked in and I got a q-tip swab from my belongings. I wet it with water and went to several spots on the walls and lightly rubbed. It really appeared to be blood spatter all over the room. I was so tired, though, I thought, “I’ll only be here the one night.” I showered and got ready for bed, watched a little TV, and made a few phone calls.

Around midnight, I’m not sure if I was dozing, or really asleep, but I became aware of a very, very sultry, soothing and provocative voice talking to me. I sat up and there was this “thing” at the foot of my bed. Not on the bed, but it appeared twice as if it was underneath the bed and coming from there. It wasn’t male nor female. I was listening, almost enchanted you could say. I didn’t believe this, so I lay back down to tried and sleep. I really thought it was my imagination. When it came up the second time I was really paying attention to it. Then I felt rather than “saw” three dark forms across the larger room with the kitchenette and sofas. When I looked at them they were just blackish forms — no faces or noticeable traits. They were small; about 4 1/2 feet to 5 feet or so. Two were about the same size and one was smaller. As I was trying to listen to the soft voice trying to convince me to join it, I realized that the three dark figures, whatever they were, meant to do me great harm, but had no power until the thing at the foot of my bed convinced me to come with it. That was when I knew these things were not ghosts but something else. I sat bolt upright in my bed, very calmly, and stated that, “You can’t hurt me. I am protected.” It was a complete and confident “knowing” that God protects me. Without a “poof” or any fanfare, they just vanished.

I hadn’t remembered to wear my gold cross around my neck, but realized that I didn’t need it. As a person of light, I just knew that I was protected and there was no need to fear these things as long I continued to stay in the light. When I checked out in the morning I told the clerk about the blood spatter all over the walls. She said if I had notified the office that they would have been glad to change my room for me… sort of a silly remedy. Since that time I have not heard or seen such entities. But I know now that I do not need crosses or symbols to keep me safe.

Two years later my dad passed away. Within a few months or maybe longer of his passing I was getting ready for bed. I was sitting on the edge of the bed and in the darkness of the hallway thought I saw a floating white orb. At the time I didn’t know what those were. I sat back down, rubbed my eyes, then went to the doorway. Amazingly, I followed it through the living room and it turned into the kitchen. When I got to the kitchen entry, it was gone. It felt very comforting. I don’t know for sure, but I like to think it was my loving father here with me.

I guess that is all I wanted to share. I have waited a long time to write all of this out. Hopefully you will understand it better than I have.

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