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Witness: Rhonda
Location: Union, New Jersey
Date of Encounter: October 20, 2011

My girlfriend, Dina, called and told me we were going ghost hunting at a building used by an Elks Lodge. She was told by the bartender, Ron, that he had see an apparition there one evening when he was alone and cleaning up the place. I am a medium as well as psychic and clairvoyant. So armed with my camcorder, we set off to explore this building.

Only the first floor is being used as a business. There are three floors and a basement. At the turn of the century, this place was a speakeasy and a brothel. It has an interesting and somewhat colorful past!

As we started up the stairs, Dina and I felt we were being welcomed and checked out. It was very dark. I was particularly drawn to this small room away from the stairs. There was nothing in it except a table, a sink, and a refrigerator. It was hard to make out everything because of the darkness.

I started the video and got an orb right away. After watching it hover around, I decided to scan the entire room to see if there was any light source that may be causing it. I scanned the entire room, including the ceiling, floor and all four walls. It was so dark, you could not see when I scanned passed Dina and the bartender.

When I returned to where the orb had been, I got a clear video of two ghosts: a male and female who were dancing! Later, we reviewed the video and saw that there was a third ghost floating in and out of the upper left hand corner of the screen.

The naked eye could only make out a red glow where the ghosts where at. But in the video you cab clearly see them. When Ron saw the red glow, he got frightened and bolted! The proof was too much for him.

We continued filming until the ghosts disappeared. We then turned on the lights to make sure that the room was empty. Some people may say that we faked the footage or that is isn’t real, but I am amazed by what we captured. Dina and I were already believers, but it certainly convinced Ron for sure!

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