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Witness: Mike Schell
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Date of Encounter: November 26, 2009

ghost photo taken in Cincinnati, Ohio

My name is Mike Schell. I wanted to share an experience me and my family had this past Thanksgiving Day.

Some background first: My father (Roger) passed away in October 1969 leaving behind a wife and six young children (the oldest was 9, the youngest was just 4 month old at the time). My mom and dad were married on November 26, 1959 (which was also Thanksgiving Day that year.) My mom's birthday is November 28th, so she was married just two days prior to her 25th birthday.

So, November 26, 2009 was:
-Thanksgiving Day (as it was on the date they were married.)
-What would have been my parents' 50th wedding anniversary.
-Two days before my mom's 75th birthday.
-Less than a month following the 40th anniversary of my father's death.

The family organized a massive two day celebration for the birthday and wedding anniversary. The very first event was our immediate family visiting my dad's grave to reflect, pray, and have a champagne toast to the family. A glass for my dad was filled with champagne and placed on top of the gravestone. A photo was taken while we were "clinking" our glasses (see photo above.) To our amazement, not only did we find what we believe to be spirit energy in front of the gravestone (no flash was used on the camera) but our dad's face appears in his champagne glass on top of the gravestone. (You may have to zoom in on the photo to really see it.)

I am also attaching a photo of my dad (below) which I believe closely resembles the face in the glass.
ghost photo taken in Cincinnati, Ohio

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