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Witness: Courtney
Location: El Dorado, Arkansas
Date of Encounter: February 1998

I have never done this before, but after reading similar situations, I have decided to post this.

My dad died by basically starving himself and left my mother with no savings. She went from a lavish lifestyle to a pauper’s salary in no-time flat. She was basically a stay-at-home mom. I was 21 when my dad died. A year after my dad died, my mom, husband, and my son and I moved back to their hometown to start over. Since none of us had gotten over the loss, we figured we would at least be close to family.

One night I had the most vivid dream. I dreamed that I was on a subway (I have never been on one) and the colors were gray, white, and tan. As I walked on and sat down, I saw my father sitting in a suit with two other men standing behind him. They looked like the goons on the Matrix. They had suits on and tan overcoats. I said something like, “Dad?” And he said, “I don’t have long, just tell your mother that I am sorry.” I said, “Why dad?” He said, “Just tell her, she will know what you mean.” I said, “Okay.” As soon as that occurred, it was over and I woke up. As I promised, as soon as I could I told my mother. Without going through a lot of detail, she in fact knew what he meant. She had spent sleepless nights talking to him asking why, and what sorrow we had been through. She just burst into tears.

A few days after that, I was doing laundry and all of the doors and windows were closed and my son was outside playing on the screened-in porch. I felt this breeze sweep through and the scent was my father’s cologne. He wore a very expensive and out-of-stock cologne that was not made anymore. I felt at ease, but I was very freaked out when my son came in and said that he saw Papaw laying in the flower garden. I would have comforted him, but he acted as if he saw him often. He was about 2 1/2 at the time and had also had an imaginary friend named “Joe Duke” that lived in the closet. I would hear him talking and walk in and ask who he was talking to and he would reply, “Joe Duke.” I really never thought much about it since some kids do that to cope with moving and loosing relatives. But I have to wonder. I have never had anything happen like that to me, and after we moved nothing has happened. I wonder if it was the house. In Luke 16, the Bible says that we can’t see or talk to those that die. I have to wonder (since I believe) that what people see, and hear isn’t bad spirits, demons, and witchcraft. I am just thankful that I could pass a message on.

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