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Witness: Marie Kreider
Location: San Diego, California
Date of Encounter: July 2005

My father passed away in October 2004. We both love cats and often would talk about all the funny things cats would do. In 1996 I gave my father a beautiful orange tabby kitten for his birthday. My mother refused to allow my father to keep the cat in the house, so we compromised and kept the cat outdoors.

It has been a difficult time for me since his passing. I feel that my father visits me often and helps me out when I am really down. This past summer was an especially hard one for me since I have had severe pain in my hands and legs from arthritis.

I left for several days and my daughter and her children stayed in the house. The second day I was gone, my daughter called and said that a strange thing had happened. Brandon, my grandson, came running to her saying that a little kitten was standing in the middle of the kitchen. They fed the kitten and kept it for me until I arrived home. There is no real explanation for the kitten being there. It was only six weeks old. There were no windows open since the house was air-conditioned. I think seriously it was a gift from my father to reassure me that everything was going to all right.

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