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Witness: Name Withheld Upon Request
Location: Michigan, May 12
Date of Encounter: 1992

Okay, first a little back ground information. My Dad passed away suddenly on Christmas day 1984, both my husband's parents died on St. Patrick's Day 1984. My husband and I got married in 1991 and I had a daughter from a previous marriage. In May of 1992, I gave birth to a baby girl, the first granddaughter on my husband's side of the family.

The day I brought her home from the hospital to my mom's house, I saw the lamp on the table turn itself on and then back off as soon as I sat down! My mom said, "That was just your dad greeting the new baby!" Right after she said that, the light turned back on and then 10 seconds later, back off again. Cool Dad came to see his granddaughter.

About two nights later, I put the baby down in the crib and laid in bed my self. In my bedroom there is a patio door going outside to a deck. I felt a cold blast of air so I looked toward the patio door and saw a white figure headed toward me still outside the door. I tried to move but I couldn't move or speak out loud, it was as though I was paralyzed. The figure came through the door and went directly to the crib. I felt like it was a woman and meant no harm, so even though I couldn't move, the panic went away. She hovered over the crib for like 30-45 seconds and left the same way she came. As soon as she left through the door, I could move again. I was a lot calmer than you would think.

When my husband came home later that night from work I told him, "Your mom was here, she wanted to see the baby." I'm not even sure why I said it, it just sort of came out. Later that year my daughter had a musical walker that had something like piano keys on it (my dad was a musician). Christmas Eve no one was even near the walker, it was pushed off into a corner, and yet it started to "play" songs. First was "Onward Christian soldier," followed by "Jingle Bells." I knew my dad was there, I just have never figured out why? We had several other babies born before and after my second daughter, and nothing like this has ever happened. My dad would have had 10 grandchildren after his death and yet she is the only one these things have happened to. By the way, three of my four sisters witnessed these happenings as well as my mom.

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