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Da Vinci Tarot by Mark McElroyDa Vinci Tarot
By Mark McElroy
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (April 2006)
Pages: 64 plus 78-card deck – Price: $21.95 review

This Da Vinci tarot system is beautifully designed. The cards are artistic and enchanting to work with. The book is clearly written and concise.

These cards can be used for meditation, divination, and personal inspiration. The enigmatic smiles and gestures of the figures will intrigue those who become interested in this unusual approach to tarot.

These 78 cards feature illustrations based on the work of Da Vinci. It contains 22 Major Arcana cards by Iassen Chiuselev. In addition, the 56 illustrated Minor Arcana cards are by Atanas Atanassov. Mark McElroy provides the source material for the book, giving the divinatory meaning of each card, and the directions for working with the deck.

Those who work with tarot decks will find this one a special treat. The Da Vinci Tarot is one of the finer, more interesting designed decks. This is sure to please a wide audience.

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