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Custodians of Truth: The Continuance of Rex DeusCustodians of Truth: The Continuance of Rex Deus
By Tim Wallace-Murphy and Marilyn Hopkins
Publisher: Weiser Books (June 2005)
Pages: 306 – Price: $22.95 review

From the authors of Rosslyn comes this shocking occult exposé. Jesus Christ did not die on the cross, but survived and went on to have a family.

This continues the legend with facts concerning the Holy Grail and who the historical Jesus Christ was. It will shock readers with its perspectives, based on solid proof, and hard facts. The photographs will also be of great interest.

The actual burial place of Jesus Christ is revealed and documented as being at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The actual burial place of Mary Magdalene is at St. Maximin la Baume, Provence.

A careful documentation of the Rex Deus families, direct descendents of Jesus Christ, is examined. It goes back to its origins in the Egyptian Mystery Schools and the true teachings of Jesus Christ appear in many secret orders such as the Order of the Knights Templar and Freemasons.

That the Catholic Church successfully suppressed and destroyed those who sought to reveal the true teachings of Jesus Christ is documented. This resulted in the sacred teachings and the true custodians of truth going underground to survive and keep the blood line pure, intact, and alive for over two-thousand years. The job of the Catholic Church was to utilize their so-called Holy Inquisition to destroy anything which threatened what the Catholic Church founders sought to perpetuate, namely a false religion based on greed, power, and control in their name of Jesus Christ. How this was accomplished by the Catholic Church is documented in the book. 

The Gnostic philosophy around the time of Jesus was another form of teachings by Jesus that was suppressed. All secret knowledge of Jesus Christ was suppressed by the Catholic Church so this would not interfere with the truth as the Catholic Church sought to spread and use for its own personal gain and control of the masses.

There are nineteen chapters in this nonfiction book. Some of the chapters include “Zep Tepi,” “The Egyptian Origins of Judaism,” “The Dark Ages and the Repressive Church,” “The Rise of Rex Deus Aristocracy in Europe,” “The Knights Templar,” “The Beliefs of the Knights Templar,” “The Holy Inquistion,” “The St. Clairs of Roslin and the Foundation of Freemasonry,” “Spiritual Awakening in the 21st Century,” among others.

The reader will discover from factual documentation that the historical Jesus Christ was a holy man, an adept of ancient knowledge, and an adept whose knowledge informed his own teachings. The purpose of the Catholic Church was to suppress the true nature of Jesus Christ and his teachings, and recast him with their own teachings in an effort to achieve complete control. The Catholic Church was successful until now, a time when documentation of the facts is revealing the crumbling fraud known as the Catholic Church. This book will shock you with its material, statements, and documentation.

Highly recommended. This is a nonfiction work which will enchant, tantalize, irritate, and bring joy to its many readers depending on how they accept or reject the facts. The style of writing is concise, crisp, and enjoyable reading. 

Custodians of Truth is a book to put at the top of your reading list, a book to give as a gift to an inquisitive friend, and a book to have your local librarian order for placement in the public library. Each person who reads this book will come away with a different, and personal perspective on the real Jesus Christ, and the Rex Deus’ efforts to save the true teachings of Jesus Christ.

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