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Witness: White Wolf
Location: Colchester, Essex, England
Date of Encounter: February 19, 2009

I moved into this house about a year ago with my parents. We are renting it from a gentleman called Mr. Bryant, whose parents passed the house on to him when they passed away. I was so happy for my parents when they found this place and instantly felt a lovely warm, "homely" feel to it. My parents agreed to this, but we all thought it was due to finally feeling settled after having to move so many times. Over the next few months we soon realized it wasn't the only reason.

I would wake up in night and see a light figure outline in my peripheral vision, which would normally move over toward my window. On one occasion I even got out of bed and rushed toward the window because there was an almighty bang on the glass! Lo and behold, there was nothing there. My stepdad would often say he thought someone was in the house, even when it was just him and the dog. I've even seen him double look occasionally. When asked what was up, he'd reply, "Nothing, just thought I saw something."

My mum was the same, she would see things, but also feel the temperature drop even when no doors had been opened. Now a little background information on me and my family. Myself, mum, and aunty have been practicing spiritual work for a few years now. It's definitely been a family energy that has passed on through us all, but some of us have chosen to expand on it and learn more. Others in my family didn't. I don't feel any less for them because we are all different, but it is nice when I see them say or do something that makes me say, "You still got it in you, then." My aunty does kinesiology and works with crystals as well as spiritual healing. She is always away on courses learning this and that. I should really speak to her more, but we all get caught up in our own lives from time-to-time. My Mother is also a healer and tarot card reader. She is very good, but will insist she isn't! No matter how many times we tell her. One of the best things about my mum is her ability to be a good judge of character, which I believe comes from the ability to feel others' energy. I, on the other hand, found my niche when looking through a white magic book I bought a while ago. I asked for the highest source to show me what it is I need to learn, and each time I opened the book, it fell on the runes page. And it wasn't the middle of the book either!

I've always been a keen nature person and love the feeling of energy you get from walking through a wood or forest, especially when there is a stream or lake nearby. So it made sense that the runes worked well with me. As well as gaining my mum's ability to feel others' energies. Through this I have made some amazing friends (I'd be lost without you all). My stepdad, in the beginning was a bit of a skeptic. He believed in what he saw or heard. This was probably due to his time spent in the army as he is ex-British special forces. Over time, though, he has seen things through our eyes and is starting to believe in paranormal things a bit more.

Back to the investigation… After thinking about all the feelings and little events that had happened, I decided to conduct a small investigation. As this was my first I wouldn't be expecting a lot but I thought to myself, You don't know unless you try… So I did. The first thing I did was light three candles and setup the table with a pen, paper, and a Kodak easy share c530 digital camera. I then proceeded to sit down and take three deep breaths and started to send myself into the light. I asked for protection for myself and everyone in the house. I also called upon Odin and asked him to send me the wisdom and the knowledge that the runes possess and thanked him for choosing me. I then pictured Elhaz (a rune of protection/the elk) all around myself and the house. After knowing I was protected, I began to ask if there was any spirit energy in the house that would like to communicate.I got nothing. I then asked again if there was any spirit that would like to communicate, and if there is could they show in some way that they were here. A slight thump came from my bedroom, and the flame on the middle camera began swaying erratically.

I spoke to my Norse spirit guide, Valdamir, and asked him to see if the spirit would make contact through him. I'd like to add this was the first time I'd tried this out of my spiritual group, so again I wasn't expecting miracles. This seemed to make a difference, though, because I felt an energy approach my left-hand side. This, I thought is a perfect time to communicate and ask a few questions. Before I did, I took a few photos of the room. (Now it did show up some orbs but, I like to keep an open mind so I'm happy to put the photos up for you all to have your say and opinions on. After all, it's the ability of the open mind that brought us all together.)

I began to ask questions, to start with was, "Can you tell me your name?" I got a head full of random things. So I asked the same question, and I got the name "Brenda," or something of that sort. I continued to ask questions and I received ages and dates, and even hobbies and places. I also got the name "George Frank." I couldn't make out if they were two separate people or two names of one person.

The final thing to happen was by far the best confirmation for me that there was a lot of energy in the room was when I turned the light back on. We have energy-saving bulbs which don't flicker when the light is switched on. I turned the light on, and two minutes later the light began to flicker and make buzzing sounds. I left it for a while and it was fine. What was weird was we have not had any problems with it previously. I'm in the process of researching the information I've received and am hoping to come up with a few bits of history that will clarify the information I've received. I will keep you all posted of my finds, and feel free to ask any questions Many thanks for reading. -White Wolf

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