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Witness: Jessica
Location: Bridesburg, Pennsylvania
Date of Encounter: October 2, 2002

One night my friends and I were outside playing with the Quija board and we contacted three spirits. The first spirit was my friend's grandmother and she made the gates swing open and the trashcans fly off of the porch. We were so scared we ran in our houses.

We came back out and contacted my other friend's grandmother that has been staying in their house since she died — lights have gone off and on by themselves and doors have opened and slammed shut by themselves — one morning my friends said they thought they saw their grandmother standing over them.

The last spirit we called out that night was my other friend's niece who had been murdered at the age of three. We asked her if she was right next to us or near us
and the board said "yes" — everybody ran so fast on their porch — and when I stopped running and was standing there my basketball started bouncing a little, then I ran in my house.

When we put away the game we forgot to say "goodbye" to all of the spirits that we contacted. So the next day we played again we sent my friends' grandmothers back to their house. We tried to send back my friend's niece but she wouldn't go back — she said she misses my friend too much and that she never wants to go. From that
day on my friend's niece still roams our street. I always get the creeps when it's dark out because it feels like she is standing over me.

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