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Witness: Casey Cotter
Location: Minden, Nevada
Date of Encounter: February, 2000

I love ghost stories and things like that, but I have never really believed them. We moved into our house five years ago and I never really felt anything until two years ago. Several nights I would sleep on an air mattress in my parents room because I hated my room. I always felt a presence — like something wanted to hurt me. One night I actually woke up with red marks on my neck, like two hands had been there.

On a different night, in my parents room, I woke up to a strange noise that sounded like it was coming from the kitchen. I thought since I was awake I might as well go see what it was. It turned out to be my cat, but as I came back to my parents room I saw a dark figure over where I would have been asleep. I couldn't scream or even move — as I turned to leave the room, this "thing" started to move towards me. It came within three feet of me and then just faded away. I have seen it several times since but it has never seemed to come any closer than three feet.

My mother has seen the dark figure and my grandmother too, but never my dad. It seems to be drawn to any female visitors we have that stay overnight. I don't feel like it wants to hurt me, it seems to protect me form any other bad feelings I may have. Now when I go in my room and feel that horrible feeling, if I just stand there for minute I will see this dark figure come and just sort of "tell" me it's ok.

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