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Witness: Isis
Location: Harrogate, Tennessee
Date of Encounter: 1966

When I was ten years old I shared a bedroom with my nine year old brother. We were not quite asleep one night when I saw a roundish, red colored light moving slowly from left to right in front of our beds. The light was about the size of a lit match and I can assure you no one else was in the room with us. Finally, the red light moved out our bedroom window and was gone.

My brother said, "Did you see that?" I said, "You saw it too?!"

I probably would have passed it off as childhood imagination as time wore on if my brother hadn't seen it also. We are in our 40's now and still clearly remember the incident. Years later I read a book about spirits and it referred to this type of phenomenon as, a spirit passing through, and that there are blue, white, and red colors depending on the type of spirit it is. My grandmother-in-law says when she was a child she used to see blue lights around the graveyard located behind her old plantation house in middle Tennessee.

I have come to believe that spirits tend to torment children more so than others. I would never tell my children that, but I honestly believe it. Could this be because children have not yet mastered the social graces expected as we mature? And that they are more open to the possibilities of things adults believe are impossible? I would appreciate any input on these two topics. What was that my brother and I witnessed? Do any of you believe children are more prone to paranormal experiences for various reasons?

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