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Chakra Yoga with Gurutej Kaur Chakra Yoga: A Complete Exercise Program for Balancing the Body’s Energy Centers
With Gurutej Kaur
Publisher: Sounds True (September 2004)
Time: 72 minutes – Price: $19.97

Chakra Yoga for Mental Clarity
With Gurutej Kaur
Publisher: Sounds True (June 2004)
Time: 60 minutes – Price: $19.97

Chakra Yoga to Strengthen Your Immune System and Increase Vital Energy
With Gurutej Kaur
Publisher: Sounds True (June 2005)
Time: 60 minutes – Price: $19.97 review

Whether you buy these DVDs as a trio, or individually, you are in for a pleasant adventure which will be an intriguing method toward developing personal fitness. Each DVD is designed to help promote personal health in the individual.

The chakras are considered the body’s crucial energy centers, and if they are not functioning properly, the entire body suffers accordingly. The type of yoga positively utilized in these superb DVDs is known as Kundalini Yoga, as illustrated by Gurutej Kaur.

Gurutej Kaur is a yoga expert, and she approaches the material in a clear and helpful manner which will appeal to all those interested in Kundalini Yoga. There are sacred chants given which can be fully utilized to release blockages in each of the body’s energy centers. By following the instructions, the individual should be able to release the kundalini energy flow from the base of the spine. Through this release, the energy can then flow through each chakra center, and throughout the entire biomagnetic field.

I would urge you to consider these chakra workouts for educational and entertainment reasons, for each is an adventure in and of itself. As most of us know, only today is Western medicine finally coming to realize that the human body’s energy fields do regulate health. These chakra workouts by Gurutej Kaur are excellent. Gurutej Kaur is the found and co-director of the 3HO Yoga Center located in Toronto, Canada. A highly respected teacher, she has taught yoga, pre-natal yoga, and post-natal yoga for thirty years in Canada, the United States, and Europe. For those interested in further information about her yoga teaching,website is at

These DVDs would make an excellent gift for oneself, or a friend. Gurutej Kaur has created some fine DVDs on yoga and fitness. Those of you who have read about kundalini are aware of its healing properties, and the legends surrounding it.

Highly recommended. Worth your time, and interest!

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