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Witness: Debbie
Location: Egypt Bottom, Ohio
Date of Encounter: July 2002

My husband and I went to check out the cemeteries in Egypt Bottom that are and supposed to be haunted. We walked around the first one and just listened for a bit then drove down to the next cemetery that was fenced off but we had a 4×4 and my husband asked if we should just go ahead. I sat there looking up the hill and decided that it was not a good idea — something just didn't feel right so we left. Before getting too far back up onto state Route 40 I turned to my husband to say something and there were claw marks on our side window in the dew and the very faint words "help me" under the marks. We tried wiping them off but they wouldn't rub off, so we then decided to just go home and started back up the road when something grabbed my husband from behind his seat and was pulling on him. He stopped the vehicle, jumped out, and told whatever it was that they were not going to our home and to just get out and stay out — we actually had to do this three times before things in the vehicle felt right enough to go home. I have mentioned going back there but he wants nothing more to do with it after dark.

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