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Witness: Matthew S.
Location: Belleville, Illinois
Date of Encounter: 2006

When I was 12 I went to Kansas City, Missouri, to help my stepmom move out of her house with my dad, brother, and new stepfamily. We stayed for four days, sleeping in the basement with my dad, while my brother was upstairs. The thing of interest was an old lamp of a sea captain who had drowned to death in the 18th or 19th century. My stepmom told me that it was haunted, but back then I thought she was crazy and I just laughed. But on the second night I could not get any sleep because of the loud sounds of footsteps on the stairs. It continued until midnight when my older brother, scared out of his wits, said that books upstairs were falling and strange noises were around, came to sleep next to me. When we got to my dad's house in Belleville, things took off from there. Silverware would fly out with the drawers they were in. My grandma and grandpa would stay up and, when no one was up, the front and back doors would open. I started to get scared, but I got used to Captain Eli, which was his real name. Things of this nature happened sometimes, my little brother and sister sometimes talked to the spirit. As it happened, the family who had the Captain before us, said strange things happened at night around this lamp. I think though that Captain Eli was a good spirit, though a playful one at that.

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