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Witness: Emmy
Location: Colorado
Date of Encounter: November 16, 2010

I couldn't find anywhere else to turn. Me and my friend, Shaila played "Bloody Mary" and we thought it was nothing. But then we saw her. We played it over and over again. Afterward, I began to see things. Sheila called me after she got home and said she was seeing Mary everywhere.

Here's some background info: when I was little I told my mom not to close the closet because my ghost friend was in there. I had dreams about a pale, 19 year old boy who had black, raggedy clothes. He has been showing up a lot. Previously, I was at my dad's house and I heard an unknown voice behind me say, "Hey." I was scared, but forgot about it. Then I talked to my mom's boyfriend about it. The next day I heard the same voice say, "It's me." Shaila's eyes kept turning black and they become blood shot. We feel something around us everywhere we go, especially in my room. We recorded things on Shaila's phone and heard something say, "She's gonna die… emerald… emerald… Emmy."

After our encounter with the mirror witch, I haven't seen this male apparition in a while. We attempted to "free write" if that's what it's called. She wrote a death list of people we knew naming off about 50 people. Nobody believes us and she's getting in our heads saying she's gonna kill them. She keeps getting in my head saying she has the ghost that I knew when I was little. Are we imagining all of this, or is something happening to us?

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