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Lee Prosser - Bide One's Time is Lee's bi-weekly column on the supernatural.Wilson Creek National Battlefield is among many sites in Springfield, Missouri that are haunted. An old city, there are tales of unexplained disappearances and ghostly happenings. There are stories of certain sites where ghosts walk, and some of these sites may be built over an area that contained a house or building now destroyed, or replaced in the name of progress. A large city, with old ways carefully crafted and hidden behind the new ways, it has many stories.

There are psychics, tarot readers, and related in this area. But that is to be expected! It is not unusual for a religious area to be permeated with paranormal situations, or have individuals living in that area who are in contact with otherworldly doings and the supernatural . The fact that every person is capable of some psychic skill is found in this area. Remember that verse from the Holy Bible….1 Corinthians 12:10… applies here, definitely.

Rich in American Indian lore, the area also contains its share of bloody shootouts, bank robbers, outlaws, and murders. Every image in time is indeed preserved, and another lays upon it to be replaced by yet another image, yet, each image is part of the time complex that went before. 

Just as, for instance, the real outlaw brothers Jesse and Frank James lived in this area, so, too, are their deeds remembered in local and national legends. Was it any surprise then that the 1939 western film classic, “Jesse James,” starring Tyrone Power, Randolph Scott, Nancy Kelly, and Henry Fonda was filmed on location in Missouri? There are many stories about the ghosts of the James brothers, too. Some researchers say there is an authentic contact link established when a film of a historical event is filmed on actual location, a link that has the potential for capturing more on film than is anticipated and only seen years after the fact.

The point here is simple, and direct: An image of what happens remains in time, and although it is replaced by those particular images which follow it, that image remains intact. Time is a series of layers, one upon the other. Some psychics can easily tap into those different layers of time. 

What once was and happened, still is, safely preserved in time. Time travel is not that difficult with an alert and trained mind. Remote viewing and its many different cousins is available to all who pursue it. As the governments of the world have investigated and pursued remote viewing and astral travel, there is no reason you can not do the same! 

And if those ghosts contacted seem a little too real, consider this: If you suddenly appeared outside a bank being robbed by Bonnie and Clyde, and they suddenly saw you standing there, what would be their response? Consider that possibility.

Time is fluid. Everything is in flux. 

Ghosts in an area like Springfield, Missouri are there to stay. Images left over from another period of time? Check out your own city, see what you discover. As to the flood of books on ghost contact, remote viewing, astral travel, and other paranormal interests, take your pick and see what that particular author has to share. You might be surprised! 

Besides, that ghost in the basement, attic, or Civil War-era barn remains may be something you wish to investigate historically. You need not be afraid of the ghosts. They are here to stay.

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