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Lee Prosser - Bide One's Time is Lee's bi-weekly column on the supernatural. One often hears the old statement, “Must be a ghost in the pantry talking!” Well, in today’s world, that pantry can be anywhere, maybe just in the listener’s mind if they are overly aware, or sensitive to ghostly voices.

Of course, ghosts in the mind can whisper anything you wish them to. Like the ghost who encourages a person to quit a job, inspires that person to do so, and then the ghost walks away when the inspired person has no income and suddenly finds he or she living under a bridge on some godforsaken country road with no food or money and only the ticks and chigger bugs for company, and wondering, why did I listen to that ghost when I had it so good? Why did I listen? What kind of fool am I?

Sound familiar to you? There are always those who give advice and then walk away from the consequences of their advice fully aware of the fact they don’t have to live with the consequences. When we are gone, the consequences of our actions are what we are remembered by. So, think about it a while.

Dwell on the concept of karma because in the next life your consequences may come back and take a big bite out of your arse! You may be the ghost in the pantry atoning for your consequences of a past life.

So then, did you really hear a voice? Did you see that ghost in the pantry, actually? Was it a ghost whispering in your mind? Did that whispering ghost make talk that sounds so good and true and sweet, and most of all encouraging? Did that ghost inspire you to do something? What kind of advice did it give you? Ghosts come with different agendas and different needs. Was that ghost really a friend, a tender spirit wanting to help? Be aware!

There are so many ifs, and ands, and butts that come to the living, it is hard enough to keep track of them, but coming from a ghost in the pantry, can be at times ever more disturbing.

So the next time a ghost in the pantry comes to you, weigh its words carefully and with a grain of salt because that ghost does not live with you. You are the living and it is the dead. There is a wide gap of difference between the two.

Let the dead carry the dead away, for the living belong to the living. Not to the ghost in the pantry. Remember: There are all kinds of ghosts in the pantry. Which one did you hear?

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