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Lee Prosser - Bide One's Time is Lee's bi-weekly column on the supernatural.Recently I was asked if Tarot with a great, big capital T was an important influence in my life. My honest answer was: No. 

Tarot is one approach to spiritual growth on a direct, personal level. There are other techniques, and other meaningful approaches with equal validity.

I find the goals attached to Tarot very important, and I know how to read and utilize the cards, and their messages, after many years of study. I find the important aspect of Tarot is that it gives an opening perspective on some part of existence, which, the reader must come to terms with and utilize.

I think there are many fraudulent people out in the working world who use Tarot for greedy purposes, and do it well, which I deplore. Intuition, insight, and the cards should be used to help others, not bleed them to death for money.

I am one of a growing number of Tarot readers who continue to refuse to lend their gifts to telephone hotlines promoting give-me-your-dollars-and-I-in-turn-will-give-you-the-answers-you-need-etc. It is little wonder that Tarot has come under fire in the recent decade due to shady dealings, but such practices fortunately have been exposed, and corrected in many instances. The tragedy is that many people are taken in by Tarot schemes simply because they want another person to tell them what to do, which is a damning, sad commentary on what our high-tech world has spawned in the form of stress and confusion! Many people turn to Tarot readers for answers they could find out for themselves, and by themselves, if they truly applied themselves.

Tarot is not a game. Tarot is a serious affair, helping one help oneself and others to connect with a true spiritual insight. Learn to read the cards for yourself. Learn to think for yourself. Learn to change the direction of your life into a much better existence. Some believe that personal Tarot applications are a sincere way to discover true spiritual alchemy on a personal level of interpretation. These things are what Tarot are about.

Study what Tarot is about. Research, question, and ponder. Learn to develop your own insight, and special gifts.

Train and rely on your own intuition. Don’t let others do your thinking for you! Think for yourself!

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