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Recently Springfield, Missouri, has celebrated the 150th anniversary of the civil war battle that took place at Wilson’s Creek near Springfield, Missouri. I’ve lived in this house for going on five years, and every year around this time we hear and even see parts of the battle. My daughter and her family moved to Springfield about 2 years ago. Her husband at that time did not believe in ghost. Well, it didn’t take long before he started to hear and see the ghost of the civil war.

During the civil war the Union lost 1300 men, the confederates lost 1200. A total of 27,000 Missourians military and civilian died do to the war. The civil war and the loss of all those men in battle is enough to cause haunting in this area. Most of the haunting regarding the civil war is residual haunting.

Like time work around the first of August starts ghostly drumming, conversations, rifles being fired, cannon fire, heavy wagons rolling along. Occasionally we hear the sound of harmonica, banjo, and spoons as the men had entertained themselves during lulls in battle. Of course we can’t leave out the shadows of the men, women, horses, dogs, as well as other animals that were killed/ slaughtered as is often a part of war. The civil war lasted from 1861-1865.

The civil war is just one of many reasons as well as being the best known, for a haunting to take place in Springfield Missouri. This haunting has made my son-in-law a believer in ghost. I tell him its part of being in the family.

Other reasons for residual as well as active haunting are do to things such as: disease, poor living conditions, the “Trail of Tears” past right through here, groups of men that road together robbing, stealing, murdering, raping as that passed on to other places, both the victims and the villains haunt here.

Let us not forget the pre written history that is lost to all. The history of man and animals will always haunt this earth, be it residual or active.

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