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Lee Prosser - Bide One's Time is Lee's bi-weekly column on the supernatural. Let us take a look at the lore and legend of magickal rings by saying they exist, and some of them definitely work for their owners. Magickal rings have been in use for thousands of years in various forms, and continue to be used today. To verify this for yourself as I did, take a look on the various Web sites. For instance, check out eBay and type in the words, “Magickal Rings,” and discover some unusual listings. You can also find some old gemstone rings in pawn shops, flea markets, curio shops, or antique stores.

Magickal rings have powers infused into them through the direct use of magickal incantations or invocations. Magickal rings can be solid with engravings, a plain band with a symbol, or a gemstone setting, or designed in any variety of creative ways. A magickal ring is what we make of it, and its style and appearance is the intimate connection which brings about a mutual attraction between the wearer and the blessed ring. Some magickal rings contain spirits to help the wearer of the ring receive what is wished for. Faith in the outcome is important.

Some magikcal rings have such spirits inside them as faeries (fairy folk come in many types and appearances, and powers), jinns (also known as jinni, djinn, genies), and other entities of a positive nature. In many instances, the individual who wears the ring may call upon the spirit by its given name if known, otherwise, to wear the ring with knowing a powerful spirit is within works well, too. It is best to have a magickal ring with a positive nature to grant your personal wishes!

It is legendary that these magickal rings can grant health, wealth, love, success, prosperity, protection, astral travel, sexual powers, time travel, intuition, psychic abilities, and whatever is required of them to make come to pass for the master or mistress of the ring. Some gifted individuals make a career of blessing rings with magickal abilities and giving them to loved ones, or selling them to those who need such items. There is usually a spell or spells cast over the ring to charge it with power. This is a long, honored practice, and it is found in all cultures where positive magick has a toehold or is well-established. This is part of the legend and lore of magickal rings found in many cultures.

If you are interested in magickal rings, there are many books and Web sites available for further study. Magickal rings are part of the world civilization heritage. Some are new rings, some are older rings, and some of the rings in museums and for private sale may be over hundreds of years old. Check it out, and be surprised with what you discover!

The wedding band is one of the oldest magickal rings in existence. Where would the world be without its magick? Nowhere!

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