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Lee Prosser - Bide One's Time is Lee's bi-weekly column on the supernatural. Several readers have contacted me at my column, most recently a woman from France. She asked what is the difference between Magick and Magic? Which should be used where, and when? I will attempt an answer that is based on research.

Several people in the metaphysical community have told me that if a person claims to be performing ritual, and cannot make the connection about the difference between magick and magic, then that person really should not be practicing magick at all. Well, now, let’s look at the two words.

Magick is the practice of incantations, casting of spells, blessings, invocations, and ritual use of those items. If you perform magick, you are performing those things for a defined cause and effect to alter or achieve a magickal goal.

Magic is, simply put, the use of illusion to fool somebody. A trick deck of cards, or the proverbial pulling the rabbit or bird out of a hat are two examples. It is sleight of hand, a trick. It has nothing to do with the art of magick.

Perhaps, then, you should think twice about purchasing a book with the title of how to use magic to attain your intimate goals, or something along those book title lines. Maybe that book is a sleight of hand trick, taking your money and putting it into somebody else’s palm! As one reader pointed out to me, maybe the person misusing the words is too ignorant to really understand the difference between either word, or that person would make an honest correction.

I make no comment other than to share this information with the readers who have asked. The difference, and the use of the words should be evident to everyone. But to each his or her own, and the validity of dissent regarding terminology is never more pronounced than in the use and misuse of the words, magick and magic.

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