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Lee Prosser - Bide One's Time is Lee's bi-weekly column on the supernatural.In 1969, I was preparing to take a final draft physical and be inducted into the Vietnam War. At one point, I had considered the war situation as honorable, but upon analysis I realized and accepted the simple fact that the Vietnam War was just another money war and not a war being fought for anybody’s freedom. Much later, I would not be drafted due to a problem with my hearing. That kept me out of the war, but that is another story, and this story is about Christopher Isherwood, time loops, and ghosts. Ghostly time loops.

I had known novelist Christopher Isherwood since I was fourteen years old, first through correspondence, then in person while living at Santa Monica Canyon, California during the 1960s.

Now, when I think of 1969, I think of the evening which I spent with Isherwood at a restaurant and a walk on the Santa Monica pier. I am outside the scene but become part of the scene when I merge with it. This is a technique any person can learn, if they are willing to meditate and concentrate. In fact, most people who can visualize a shape or a color are to some degree clairvoyant. Practice develops that. Clairvoyance and its forms are available to any person who wishes to develop them. 

As to scenes in the mind, the process of recall makes them clear, and visible. So it is with time loops.

Time loops are what I believe can and do happen to people. Your recall merges you with the images. I also believe time loops can account for the actual physical disappearance of people. The wish to be part of the time loop becomes so overpoweringly strong that the body can and will vanish into that time loop. I also believe that time loop can be of a personal making or borrowed from another source.

Now, as to the time loop with Christopher Isherwood. I vividly recall eating the fish dinner he had ordered for us. I recall the conversation:

“Lee, are you afraid to go to war?”

“No, Chris, I’m not. I’m afraid I might die for something I don’t believe in.”

“You have your writing and your music, have you considered going elsewhere?”


Isherwood savored the fish dinner, and there was quietness. Then he said: “Please follow your writing. That is your true path. Traveling with a band will take you down a path of broken dreams, and playing in a band is not that good. Think about it.”

I smiled. “I’ll be around when the last piano note plays and the last bongo note sounds.”

“Yes, yes, I know you will.”

We laughed.

“Please follow your writing, Lee. That is your true path, your gift.”

And so I did. In this time loop, I meditate and I am there with Isherwood at the table in the restaurant and I see everything around me in crystal clear clarity. I can taste, smell, feel, touch all objects. The time loop is authentic. My presence in the time loop is authentic. I am a ghost in a paranormal scene visiting a living ghost from the past… my ghost becomes one with my ghost.

Consider, what if one selects a time loop, concentrates hard enough, and goes back to it permanently. One can then alter the future because one is from the future and to voluntarily give up that future is to alter the past by making the past your new present. What choices would you make then, given that opportunity? What would you change?
What would you leave the same? What would you do with your new life?

Think on it. Reflect. Being a ghost is more than being a ghost. There are many levels of reality in and on the Inner Planes. Which one would you select in your personal time loop? Time travel as a ghost and meet your own ghost. Time travel as a ghost and appear before the living! To return, or not to return.

Time loops. Consider them carefully. Consider what can happen. Do that which you will, and select that which you wish. 

There is no heaven and there is no hell, only continuity. The soul is immortal. The past is always present.

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