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Lee Prosser - Bide One's Time is Lee's bi-weekly column on the supernatural. In writing this column, I oftentimes get an abundance of mail. Much of that mail involves paranormal comments or questions. Sometimes I receive something that is so unusual I incorporate it into the body of my column to share with the readers. This is one such time, and here is the story.

An overseas reader sent me a lengthy commentary on how to know the future, which she felt should be shared with the readers. She said she was a member of the Golden Dawn and also had years of experience in the Enochian techniques of magick. She gave me the following information to share with any person seeking to know the future. Here it is.

Say the following words, either aloud or silently, depending upon your private circumstances. Upon retiring to bed, prior to going to sleep, get into a comfortable position. It is suggested to lay down on your back in the bed. Or sit up in a chair, if that is your preference. Close your eyelids. Repeat the following words in sequence a total of seven times:

Allup, Leiru, Ligil, Uriel, Pulla.

Go to sleep. Upon awakening in the morning, repeat those words in sequence a total of seven times. Go about your usual day. Repeat this personal ritual again that night, etc. After a period of two months, the person should be able to know the future of events before those events take place.

I would suggest, that if this could be used to be helpful to other people in a positive manner, it is certainly something to consider seriously. I am sure these words can be located and defined somewhere. I am simply passing this on from one of the readers of my column to those interested in pursuing its possibilities, or not.

Thank you and have a happy shot at knowing the future, if you wish. Your choice.

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