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Witness: Emi
Location: Clearwater, Florida
Date of Encounter: October 8, 2005

Hello everyone, It's me, Emi, from The Graveyard Shift Radio Talk Show! Well, have I got an interesting encounter for you all… My wife and I, a staff member, and a guest went on an official ghost tour in the Belleview Biltmore Hotel in Clearwater, Florida on October 8th. Now, this hotel has a history of haunted activity, sightings, and recorded phenomena. What happened to us there was pretty interesting. one of my staff members had to leave early because he apparently saw the spirit of one of his loved ones down this one infamously haunted hallway. He just couldn't take it anymore… it was such a traumatic experience for him that he had to leave. I asked him why he thought he saw this deceased relative and he said he had no idea except that he did have a picture that had something to do with the relative.
On a separate account, I myself felt something odd when we got to the porch area. I felt very dizzy and just did not feel well. I then got this feeling and asked one of the ghost hunters to take a picture behind me. They did and they caught an orb. Well, that explains the weird feeling! Anyway, suffice it to say, this hotel is very haunted and still has rooms available if anyone wants an interesting sleepover!

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