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Witness: Amanda
Location: Adams, Tennessee
Date of Encounter: October 2002

Every year my mom, my sister, and myself go ghost hunting. A few years ago, we went to Adams Tennessee (we are from Chattanooga) to see the Bell Witch House and Cave.

Our guide took us through the house and we saw nothing out the norm. Bur as we were walking down the hill to go to the cave, I felt something odd. It was kind of like that feeling when you were a kid and you knew you were in trouble — just waiting to get home and get yelled at.

Well anyways, we were inside and I kept hearing my name being called in a whisper. I looked at my mom and said, "What?" She said, "I didn't say anything." My sister was on the other side of the cave so I know it wasn't her.

Then I felt someone breathing on my neck… Oh my God! It was freaky! The thing was, no one was behind me and there were no drafts coming in. And the cave was pretty warm for being October. I turned around and felt this cold rush go right through me! Then on top of it all, I felt these two hands being placed on my shoulders. And nothing was there — to the human eye anyhow!

I'm a true believer when comes to hauntings, ghost, and spirits.

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