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Witness: James
Location: Bradbury, California
Date of Encounter: Since 1984

Okay, my story is really complicated, but I really need some help or suggestions on my problem. I am 24 years old now, but ever since I was little, I have always been able to feel, sense, or even see things/entities, etc. I have always been weak physically and mentally — I can never sleep in the dark — a night light won't even do. I have moved four times since I can remember seeing things, and as I grew into a young adult things tend to get worse on and off.

Since three years ago, things got pretty tragic, strange, and crazy — things like a tree falling down in front of my car on the way home on a private road near my home, walking into a 7-11 store and finding a man dead behind the cashier, in broad daylight a traffic light wobbling back and forth right above me and falling on the spot I was seconds after I quickly moved away! These are just some of the things I went through but then I started to see things like a red entity late at night when I was coming home, or sometimes I would see it in the back of my car! I also feel a cold hand touching the back of my neck or on my leg, and now even as I type I feel something collapsing on my lungs grasping me!

I know this may sound fake to some but I speak the truth and I really need some help. The main reason I ended up here on is when I decided to look up the word (Old Hag) which has been troubling me for some time now. I first got it a few years ago but it has been going on for some time now. I remember one month it went on for a month straight! Recently it got pretty bad, I would feel something draining my energy and wake up with cotton mouth — like something just sucked up all the nutrients from my body that I gained for the past week.

I first thought it only happened when I sleep face up, but now it gets me when I sleep on my sides or even face down. I feel like it's coming from under my bed! I can feel hands grabbing me — coming from inside of the mattress.

In the last month I started to see something in my sleep– it's pretty scary. Recently I saw its face — it is a she, with red hair and a skull or decaying face and it calls my name. After that, I had to wake up — I couldn't stay and let it take my life as I know that was its intentions. Usually I stay and don't struggle so I can see what it wants but this time I was freaked out!

After that time I was convinced it wasn't just sleep paralysis, it was a spirit or demon of some sort. Just today as I woke up around 12 PM in the afternoon it happened again! For the second time I saw a figure, but white this time and calling my name and asking for help. It said with a strange computerized type of voice or some type of echo as it spoke, "James… help me! James… help me!" It said this twice right before I struggled again and woke up. After today I'm probably going to move out of my parents' guest house. I think it's not the room as some might think, but I figure it's following me because I had the old hag syndrome in other rooms in the house as well. Could it be the area I live in? I live in Bradbury, California, where Ray Bradbury is from and also the late Mickey Thompson — he was murdered up the street from where I live. Or could it be just following me? I need urgent help from somebody, please give me some input.

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