Ghosts, Haunting, and Legends
Home Encounters Attached to the Home of Family?

The Trees by Frank Grace
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Name: Aine Kellzer
Location: Ireland
Date: 2019 – 2020

Over the past year, my brother-in-law has had a new partner. Since moving in together he says that things have started happening. Firstly, they were just knocks and bangs — things you could pass off. But recently they have taken a darker turn.

He says that he has now seen a dark black mast figure standing in his room. Now, he lives in the countryside, so there are no streetlights to help light the room, and even when his eyes adjust, the person is still there. Also, if they hear noises in the sitting room, for example, when my brother-in-law walks in or turns around, the shadow figure will be there looking at him .

Furthermore, his partner seems to be used to this, he said she has had things pull her leg, grab her in her sleep, and hold her down. Also there is a picture in their room, and this particular photo turns upside down. Apparently she has always had these things happen, but they have ramped up. Her phone was thrown across the room and press doors have fallen off too. Things have been pushed off counter tops.

My brother-in-law also said that he noticed a smell in the house — a foul smell, almost like rubbish or food that has gone off. He checked everywhere and cleaned all the presses and bin out, so there’s no smell. He even went as far as getting all the drains checked in case of blockages.

My brother-in-law doesn’t believe in the supernatural in any way, and the fact he said all this to me means it must be going on a while. Furthermore, he said that people in her family tend to die young or in accidents or suddenly. I don’t know if I’m looking too much into this or what. Also, she tends to have bad mood swings and fights with him a lot, and then forgets, or just, like, moves on super fast or something.

But could there be something attached to her and her family? Could whatever it is be evil? What should we do next?

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