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Witness: Michal
Location: Poland
Date of Encounter: Ongoing

I am a very reliable person. My name is Michal. I live in Poland. The subject I am touching here is a very important one. I am mentally tormented by the people with paranormal abilities.

This works similarily to possession.

I need help from some organizaiton that deals with astral projection. I feel convinced that somebody of such qualities and abilities has with impunity taken over my astral body.

Let me repeat this. Something is able to take over one’s astral body and in this way literally play with people.

Something is trying to invade and rule my mind and body. Twice I have had an impression as if I have left this world. This is a very important matter. Someone has such abilities and skills so they can influence the human behaviour and body.

I suspect that the worst is taking place. When somebody has such abilities, they can even make a person die! That means to stop the respiration or heart action when acting at a distance. I have lost my consciousness, something is speaking through me, and something is trying to control my mind and body.

I suspect that this thing is ccapable of arresting human psyche at a distance, monitor people and control their minds.

This all is happening at my home. Everyday. Something can make people take astral travels. I know what I am talking about! I am a mentally healthy person.

Such subjects are kept secret and they are not discussed. I think that in the USA and worldwide, there is a group of strong medium people capable of experiencing astral projections and impacting human behavior. This includes mind control, making people behave in certain manners and do things that they cannot remember afterwards! I am afraid that I might do something very bad while under such attacks, including causing lethal danger. This is not a sign of sickness. It is real paranormal phenomenon. I do know what I am writing about.

These are strong astral phenoma. I see the light flash when something comes to me. My body gets crazy and the lights dim. I am 100% proof that such phenomena and events occur. Something is trying to threaten me!

I am looking for people of similiar abilities who can help me get rid of this. A medium occupies my body and mind and won’t leave me alone. This is affecting my body organs.

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