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Witness: Ashley
Location: West Frankfort, Illinois
Date of Encounter: September 21, 2009

Me and my friend Emily are very interested in the paranormal. There is a cemetery behind our school that I always get the creeps from. It's a pretty big cemetery called Tower Heights. There's the newer part and if you get past that there's a barn; you go past that barn, and there is the older, rundown part of the cemetery. The side is full of evil.

On this particular day I decided to go to that part of the cemetery. I felt an evil presence near the back. There was a very old tombstone there. I tried approaching it, but I couldn't. The feeling of fear was just unbearable. I got sick to my stomach and started hearing strange noises. I pulled out my camera and snapped a picture. As soon as I had taken the picture I felt something tugging on my leg. Once I looked at the picture, there was a figure. Not even a foot from the stone. It had a face, and a body. I could only make out its upper body, though. You can tell it's evil and it did not want us there. I went back Halloween night and could not stay there, the feeling I was getting was a very evil one. I have not been back to the cemetery since, although I do plan on making a trip sometime soon.

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