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Angels The Guardians of Your Destiny by Maiya and Geof Gray-CobbAngels: The Guardians of Your Destiny
By Maiya and Geof Gray-Cobb
Publisher: Ozark Mountain Publishing (January 2008)
Pages: 177 – Price: $14.00 review

Those interested in the paranormal, especially angels, will find Angels: The Guardians of Your Destiny, a most fascinating, illuminating book. It is a reading journey that is educational, entertaining, and helpful.

Those of you who have read that more and more angels are appearing in some form, or who have seen these angels, will find this book confirms those notions. A look at the inner planes, also known as the inner worlds, and the unseen, it reappraises the important discovery that in our search for fuller awareness, we as individuals are seeking more contact with the paranormal where angels are found most often. Those interested in ancient history, lost civilizations, extraterrestrials, paranormal, and archeology will find this a fascinating book!

The reader is introduced to his or her own special group of Guardian Angels. Then steps are given for making direct contact with the various realms of Angel energies. Among the Angels you will encounter are the Angels of the Equinoxes, those who guard the outer planets, the Archangels, and the Angels of the Akashic Records. In the Akashic Records is where each individual’s personal secrets exist and are recorded. The Gray-Cobb book is a well-written and logical approach to contacting Angels and a detailed guide to applying Angels to a person’s everyday existence.

The book has an engrossing and clearly written introduction about Angels, and how these beings can help a person. The chapters include topics such as finding your personal angels, numbers, setting up a personal relationship, profiling of yoursef, how to enter the astral light, chakras and symbols, encountering and meeting with the Angels of the equinoxes and solstices, karma, the creative plane and all that it means and contains, the archetypal plane, the Angels of the outer planets, Archangels, the labyrinth, the EL, the 5th Dimension, the city of serenity, the lords, the temple of wisdom, and personal initiation. The chapter on karma is one of the most interesting writings on that topic written in recent years, and one which will lead the reader into further self-analysis.

For those interested in an honest, practical approach to contacting Angels, this book will answer many questions and provide guidance to making contact with Angels. Born in Kent, England, Maiya Gray-Cobb lives with her writer husband, Geof, in Melfort, Saskatchewan, Canada. She is associated with The Hermetic Order of Campo Santo and holds a Ph.D. in parapsychology.

Highly recommended. The book is concise, has substance, and will appeal to a wide range of readers with its sensible approaches to Angels, and how to actually contact them.

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