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Witness: Betty
Location: Scott City, Kansas
Date of Encounter: 1958

It all started on December 31, 1958. I never ever forgot that date due to fact that it was my birthday. That evening my mom's friend asked if I could spend the night. My mom said I could, so she took me shopping then we went out to eat. I was pretty excited. We were going to eat at a cafe. For me that was a real treat! Being a kid, I ordered a hamburger and fries and a Coke. Afterwards we went to the store. My mom's friend had to pick some stuff up for Sunday dinner.

So we finally got home to her apartment just by ours on the second floor. She put baby to bed then she put some stuff from the store away. She told me she would put the oranges and canned goods up Sunday. So she had me take a bath then she took one herself, then we went to sleep.

In the middle of the night she woke me up. I could tell she was scared. She got her baby, she grabbed my hand, and we had to walk into the kitchen to go out the front door. She had left a small night light on for us.

What I saw that night scared me so bad. The canned goods were flying around, as were the oranges, and other stuff. We tried to get out of that apartment, but whatever was in that place would not let us leave. So she told me to get in bed. She got her baby and then she grabbed the Bible. She put her daughter between us and told me no matter what happens, do not get off that bed. She started praying and this dark shape came into the bedroom as things were flying around. I was one scared little kid! Finally, through all her praying it finally got normal again and all of a sudden we could smell roses. We knew it was okay. But in the meantime, my folks heard the noise that had been going on. Our apartment was just across the hall. So they tried to get into the apartment I was in, but my dad could not break the door down. My dad was a big guy. They were scared for us. Once it got calm, the woman I was staying with was able to open the door. When my folks came in it looked like war zone caused by whatever was in that apartment that night.

I learned as small child about evil. It still chills me to the bone. Just thinking about it even now. Throughout my life things have happened to me. I truly feel my faith has kept me safe. Through all of this I learned there is evil among us as well as goodness in this world.

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